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: Digital resources and production–

the benefit of digital resources and production are wide ranging the increases of information between historians allows the vetting of information and to find out what is true and what is false in ouer current records. another benefit is the spread of knowledge and its asses-ability to the every-man this.

recent fields

resent Fields such as social and cultural, prehistory, environmental  serve to expand knowledge within the fields of history. these fields serve to give the disenfranchised and disconnected a grater voice in history.  the differentiation between the classical fields and this is the increase of inclusiveness.

Fields of history

Traditional fields are more appalling to me because they are what i am more used to this comes from being a creature of habit. with the traditional fields i like to forces more on Eastern European History than American history  this is because there history is so unlike the rest.

Professionalization of history

The Professionalization of history is something with both negative and positive connotations. on the positive end of the spectrum of Professionalization comes from the fact hat history becomes much less open to outside influences especialy those who seek to self gratify. the negative arises in the over specialization f the.

Parkman and Jennings

Parkman and Jennings are both  major figures in Historiography they both took differing approaches to history  where parkman was a traditionalist Jennings took a more modern approach however this could be because Parkman wrote a significant time before Jennings and was writing in what would be the modern style back.

historiography post

the expansion and inclusion of new fields of historiography is something that is very much welcome. this is because the inclusion of fields such as ethno -history and as such allots much more information to be added to the grander picture of history.  however the drawback of the expansion is.

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